7 Things You Need To Know about Pergola vs Gazebo

Pergola and gazebo are two types of shade that people usually choose to complete the house. They even add the value of the house. There are things you may want to know regarding these two shades, so you could choose one that suits your need without wasting too much time to decide.gazebo vs pergola gazebo or pergola

#1. Gazebo Types

Gazebos are part of the house that is a popular structure in sunny and warm climate areas.  Persia and China literatures are some of the countries which literatures mention the gazebos, including other civilizations at the old times.

#2. Gazebo Examples

Structure like the Montacute House in Somerset’s garden house is one of the examples of the structure of gazebo. In Nottinghamshire, Elton on a hill which existed in the 18th century or the 19th century has square brick, crenellated as well as stone tower that has an opening of arch, which is the part of a system of red brick walled gardens.

#3. North America and England Gazebos

Typically, in North American and England, gazebos are made of wood and then covered with materials of standard roofing, for example shingles. The structures of gazebos can be pole structures of tent-style that is covered by fabric of a tension type. Screens may also be added in order to avoid the flying insects’ exclusion.

#4. Pergola

It is often that pergola becomes an ideal solution in completing and complementing an outdoor space. Depending on the detail chosen, a new living space can be created from a combination of the best indoors and outdoors. Shade and privacy are what the pergolas offer while providing visibility.garden pergola design pictures

#5. Types of Pergolas – Garden Pergolas

This type of pergolas has a freestanding feature of beam construction and traditional post. The garden style is the most popular type because it is functional whenever you build it. Less planning is required on this type, because you do not have to coordinate the details of construction to fit with it.

#6. Arched Pergolas

Just like the other pergolas as it is built, this type has only the changes of roof style. Any size of these pergolas can be built, including a construction of lattice panel roof that is beautiful while also push the shade to the maximum. If Arched Pergola Roof is ordered, normally, rafters are set at 24 inches on the center part.

#7. Small Pergolas

This one is a good option as well, when you find tight space. Some people just simply prefer structure that is smaller. These small pergolas are less than 10’ x 10’ and it is also possible to be made with or to be attached with roof or arched style.

After all, whether it is pergola or the gazebo in the end, both have their own beauty that you may have your own taste and preference for the design and the style. Choose the right shades and make your hoe value increased.


pergola vs gazebo

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