7 Tips How to Place Furniture in a Living Room

Furniture and size are the important aspects when it comes to interior designs. There are many options of furniture you can consider to place inside the room, but still the size limit the furniture amount that you need to be careful in planning the placement. There are ways to make your room seem bigger with the furniture placement, as well as ways to make spacious room be more functional. Here are some tips for you.feng shui living room furniture placement

#1. Keep One-Side Foot Traffic

The thing is; arranging furniture for narrow and long room is to make the space for walking through. It is advised to make the traffic for the foot on a straight line between the furniture. You can also make the line near the sofa, so when bigger space needed for the walk-through, you or anybody who sit on the sofa can put their feet.

#2. Rug for Limitation

You can place rugs for you to walk over or stay off completely from them. Open space for the rug’s area should be wide enough to people walk across it. You can buy a custom rug for better adjustment to the area of walking that you have in mind.

#3. Furniture Away the Area of Pass-Through

For a wider room, you can place the furniture away from the area of pass-through. You can keep an open space to the room’s one side to create a halfway with one side’s living areas effectively.living room corner furniture designs

#4. Furniture in a Corner for Open Space’s Across Angling

Imagine that there is a room with the door opens into one side, where a table keeps the side untouched from the passerby. You can make the furniture speak for a line of pass-through.

#5. Limit Your Furniture Pieces

It is suggested to limit the pieces of furniture to be placed on your room. Usually, maximum seating is one of the most reasons making the room even stuffier. If you do not have guests for a time, then it is suggested to consider placing pieces of double duty kind, so that it can be used as seating when needed.

#6. Perpendicular to the Room Length Furniture Placement

Make your room some space for passing through and also choose the furniture carefully for making the space effectively used and functional without you need to give impression that less stuff are placed on it.

#7. Measure the Furniture and any Other Elements You Need

The problem for smaller room is that there is not much space for furniture to be placed, so measuring each of the furniture and make the placement plan can help you get the right feel for the placing. You can also buy the right size of rug and make a good line for walking-through space.

In conclusion, you need to consider things more than thinking about how much furniture and stuffs you pushed the room to have. Even for bigger room, the placement of furniture is important, so that the room will be as good as it is, not making it too big or smaller than the original size.

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