How to Reduce the Cost of Heating Your Pool

One of the biggest myths is that you need to leave your pool heater on at all times to make sure your pool stays at a constant warm temperature – turning it off will make the pool heater work harder. The truth is, however, that leaving the heater on at all times can be exorbitantly expensive and wasteful. Also, you don’t want to leave the heater on at all times, you want to maintain the heat. This means that you want to blast the heater for a couple of days – no more than that – and then take measures to maintain it. Here is how to reduce the cost of heating your pool.

First and foremost, you want to get a swimming pool cover. A pool cover will make sure to protect your pool at night from the low temperatures. After you properly heat your pool, you want to roll the pool cover into place when you aren’t using it. Some pool covers come with an automatic level, so all you have to do is press a button – the cover will open and close accordingly. Not only will a pool cover keep your pool warm and reduce cool down, it will also keep your pool free of leaves, bugs and other detritus.

If you want to take it up a notch, you may want to visit Royal Swimming Pools and invest in a solar heating cover for your pool. Sometimes they are called solar blankets and they can do a remarkable job at making sure your pool stays warm. Basically, these unique solar covers attract and absorb the warmth of the sun to keep the pool at a constant temperature. The wonderful thing about the sun is that you never have to worry about not having a source of solar energy – even on cloudy days, you can still capture solar energy through its UV rays.

Next, you want to reduce the amount of wind that cools down your pool. Wind is the enemy of a warm pool, especially at night when the wind chill sets in. Basically, if you took any measure to make sure your pool stays warm, wind could compromise everything. So, you may want to think about building a small wind fence around your pool – or around your yard. In some cases, a hedge can work in much the same way – and they can be more aesthetically pleasing. Whatever you do, though, cutting down the wind chill is essential.

Lastly, reducing the cost of heating your pool is all about breaking up with your reliance on traditional methods of heating – especially the use of natural gas and other utility based heating methods. Let’s face it, having a pool to begin with can be costly to maintain, so it is important to at least take some measures to reduce your heating costs. The temperature of your pool doesn’t need to be scorching hot like a Jacuzzi – it can actually stay pretty lukewarm and your body will get used to it. In the end, relying on the power of the sun will help too.

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