New Home Construction: Major Reasons Why You Still Need a Home Inspection

Building a home from scratch can be a great way to customize your living experience. It is also more cost effective in the long run. Purchasing a pre-built home can come with its hurdles and challenges – this is especially the case with older homes that were built before modern standardization building protocols. Not only is there a lot of maintenance, but you also have to worry about updating appliances and remodeling, which can be expensive. However, when you purchase a pre-built home, you still want to have the property inspected – you want to make sure all the basics are in order and that construction is seamless. Here are some major reasons why you still need a home inspection.

  1. To make sure there are no glaring structural problems. You never know when a home builder or contractor is going to cut corners, especially in some housing development communities where construction workers are on tight deadlines. So, you want to have a housing inspector look at major structural elements, like the foundation, support beams and the roof. The roof is a particularly delicate structural element. The last thing you want is to move into a home that will need major renovations later down the line. When it comes to rebuilding your roof, you may need to hire a crane company, like Bigge Equipment, which can be an exorbitant out of pocket expense.
  2. To make sure that the plumbing and electrical system is in order. Most new homes are built up to code when it comes to the plumbing and electrical systems. However, there may be an issue where the builders disregarded an essential element of these systems, like grounding wire or making sure a main sewage pipe is opened. If these essential systems are not up to code, you could be at risk for paying fines and you may have to pay – out of pocket – to make sure the plumbing and electrical is up to code.
  3. To make sure the home is efficient. A home’s efficiency is incredibly important, especially when it comes to saving money on your monthly energy bills. For instance, if the windows aren’t double paned, or if there isn’t enough insulation in the attic, you may have to add these things later, which can be expensive. Also, if you don’t know that insulation in the attic is important, you may be left wondering why you are paying such high utility bills.
  4. To make sure the HVAC system is in order. Most new, modern homes are built with brand new HVAC systems. These systems include a winding and labyrinthian ductwork system that brings the cool and warm air to each room in the home. A home inspector will be able to determine if the HVAC system was installed correctly and that all the ductwork is in order.
  5. To make sure you can enjoy your new home. When it comes to moving into a brand new home, you want to be able to enjoy it – you don’t want to worry about issues unexpectedly popping up. In the end, a housing inspector will give you peace of mind, which is worth its weight in gold.

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