The Best Flooring Options for High Traffic Areas in Your Home

A home isn’t just a structure where you put all your stuff – it is also a place for friends to congregate, children to play and where we conduct the business of our daily life. Indeed, our homes serve a utilitarian purpose – with the promise of a room over our heads. For this reason, we have to think of some options that go best with the function of the individual rooms in our homes. For instance, some homes find the most action in the living room, especially for individuals who have a lot of kids, or for people that like to throw parties. This is why you want the flooring in these particular rooms to stand up to the test. Here are some of the best flooring options for high traffic areas in your home.

  1. Concrete. If you think about it, there is a reason why cities use concrete to pave the sidewalks – it stands up to the test of thousands of people walking on it every single day. If you have a modern home and a room that gets a lot of activity – whether that is your game room or the hallway from the garage to the living room, you may want to think about utilizing the power of concrete, which can look amazing and modern when treated and dyed.
  2. Rubber. This is another great flooring option for high traffic areas, especially the kitchen. For instance, some of the rubber floors provided by Treadall Inc. not only give your floors more durability, but they can also be used to provide fatigue-relief, which is why it is a perfect option for the cooking area of your home. If you are a chef, or if you find yourself and your family congregating in the kitchen, rubber may be the best flooring option.
  3. Brick. This is a material that works great in mudrooms, anterooms and any other room where people are shaking mud off their boots and shaking rain off their umbrellas. You wouldn’t want carpet in these rooms because they will immediately become stained and dirty. You also wouldn’t want hardwood because it will become damaged. Brick will stand up to the test of moisture and any other element that comes its way – it is also really easy to clean.
  4. Cork. This is another material that is quickly becoming an alternative to wood because it is durable. Cork also looks great and all of your guests will be wondering what the material is. In most cases, cork can be more expensive than wood, but it is well worth it – cork is incredibly sustainable because it is processed from farmed grasses and not felled trees.
  5. Bamboo. Out of all the materials, bamboo is definitely the sleekest looking flooring option for heavily trafficked rooms. However, bamboo is also incredibly durable – the wood is scratch resistant and it can stand up to the challenge of children running, jumping and crawling on it. In the end, bamboo will boost the aesthetic and utilitarian value of your home.


best floor paint for high traffic areas

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