Top 5 Tips for Transplanting Trees and Shrubs in Your Garden

If you’re someone who enjoys doing your own landscaping and you happen to have several trees and shrubs in your yard, as your greenery starts to grow or you come up with a new design, there will be times when you’ll probably want to do some transplanting. Although initially it might sound like a tedious and complicated process, if you know what the process of transplanting trees and shrubs consists of, you’ll realize that you can have it all done in a matter of a couple of hours.

If you’d like to know some of the top tips for transplanting greenery in your garden, here are five of them:

Find a new location. You’re not going to want to move a tree or shrub that you have to a new location if that ultimately means it’s going to die because it isn’t able to get the right amount of sun or shade that it requires. So, before doing anything, think about putting your tree or shrub in an area that is not only aesthetically pleasing but where your greenery can get all that it needs in order to thrive. Once you’ve located that spot, dig a hole. You don’t want to dig up your tree or shrub without doing this first. The reason why is because it’s going to be crucial that its roots are exposed for as little time as possible.

Dig up the tree or shrub. Once the new hole is ready, it’s time to dig up the tree or shrub. You should begin this process by digging about 3′ outside of the perimeter of it. By doing this instead of digging right at the base, it helps to see where the roots of the greenery are and keep them intact. It will also help you to get a better idea of how large and heavy the tree or shrub is in case you need some help moving it.

Use a tarp to transport the greenery. When the tree or shrub is uprooted and ready for transplanting, be sure to use a tarp in order to drag it from one spot to the next. It’s important that with this step, you are gentle as you place it inside of the hole and sit it up. Once you have it positioned in the way that you want the tree or shrub to be, shovel some soil into the hole. Make sure that as you’re doing it, you’re adding a bit of water too. That will help the soil to pack down from the roots to the top.

Do a bit of mounding. If you were to ask someone who works for a company like Panorama Tree Service about what else you should do if you’re in the process of transplanting trees in your yard, something that they would probably tell you to do is something known as mounding. What this means is you should mound up the soil around the tree or shrub in such a way that a berm will form so that water can come easily into the soil. This will help your greenery get the fluids that it needs while it’s in the process of rooting itself to the new space.

Spread some mulch. The final transplant step is to spread some mulch. Mulch helps to protect your tree or shrub from outside weather elements. Just make sure that you place the mulch a couple of feet away from the base of the tree or shrub itself. Furry creatures like mulch and you don’t want them to tamper with your greenery while it is still fragile. For information on the best kind of mulch to buy, visit The Best Gardening and put “mulch” in the search field.

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