5 Effective Space-Saving Ideas for Small Apartments

When it comes to apartment living, there are many benefits of going small. For one thing, rent is more affordable. Also, you don’t need that much furniture or other appliances, so your move-in costs are lower. In fact, many people have been ditching their larger digs in favor for smaller ones – you could call it the small apartment movement. However, when you move into a small apartment, each square foot of space is important – your apartment can very easily start to looked cramped if you don’t find some space-saving solutions. Here are five effective space-saving ideas for small apartments.

  1. Use the space under your bed as storage. Oftentimes, our beds have a lot of space under them. This is space that is virtually unused. This is why you may want to think of using drawers or cabinets under your bed to store clothes and other items that your closets won’t hold.
  2. Use the walls to hide things. Another option is to use the walls to create compartments where you can hide various items. For instance, you can install a kitchen nook table in the wall, which you can easily pull out and unfold when you need it. You can also install items in your kitchen using this same creative method. Walls usually have a lot of space to hide miscellaneous items in. If you are looking at Lincoln Property affordable apartments for rent, you may want to ask the property manager whether or not it would be against your lease to install these space-saving compartments.
  3. Use your couch as a bed. You may not realize it, but your furniture can often be transformed and used for multiple functions. For instance, if you have a studio apartment, or an apartment that can’t fit a bed in a specific bedroom, you may want to purchase a futon. Studio apartments are usually just a living room and kitchen, so placing a large bed in the middle of the apartment will make it difficult to entertain guests. With a futon, you can use your bed as a couch during the day and then fold it flat at night when you are ready to sleep.
  4. Use closet and storage space wisely. It is also important to use closet and storage space wisely and conservatively. For this reason, you probably want to install some kind of organization system so that you can use the entire space of the closet to store clothes and other items. The same goes for kitchen cabinets and utility closets.
  5. Use minimalism as your guide. When it comes to saving space in a small apartment, keeping a minimalist aesthetic will definitely be helpful. If you don’t have room for a big couch, you may want to get a simple love seat. If you don’t have room for a big TV, you may want to get a projector. When it comes down to it, maintaining a minimalistic approach doesn’t meant that your enjoyment of your apartment has to be minimal – with more room to move around, you’ll enjoy your apartment a lot more.

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