How to Maintain a Green Healthy Lawn in Winter

There are a lot of wonderful things about the winter season. However, if you’re someone who’s passionate about your curb appeal, then there’s a pretty good chance that each year, you find yourself looking for proven ways to properly care for your lawn.

If that’s the case, you’re in luck. This article is going to share with you five things that you should do in order to maintain a green and healthy lawn, even in the dead of winter.

Rake your lawn often. Although it’s pretty common to do a significant amount of raking during the fall and winter season, what you might not realize is that you should do it for more than simply aesthetic reasons. Lawns that have a lot of leaves and grass clippings on them end up making it hard for your grass to get the proper sunlight that in needs. Vitamin D is especially crucial for your grass during the colder months. Therefore, make sure that you rake your lawn on a consistent basis so that your grass can get as much exposure to the sun as possible.

Scalp your lawn too. Being that the winter season is an ideal time to plant seed, it’s also a good idea to do what is known as “scalping your lawn”. What this consists of is cutting your grass as low as possible a few times. After mowing it, then use a rake to loosen up the soil. That will make it easier to plant seed.

Sow some seeds. If you happen to have bare patches on your lawn, the cold weather season is the perfect time to plant seed. That’s because in cooler temperatures, seeds are able to germinate effectively. Just make sure if you do decide to plant seed during the winter that you also aerate your lawn as well. You can hire an aerator from a home improvement store in your area. For more information on the aeration process, visit DIY Network and put “how to aerate a lawn” in the search field.

Put down some mulch. Say that you live in Chicago. That’s one place where winters are particularly harsh. If you were to ask some landscapers on North Shore about something else that you can do in order to keep your lawn healthy during the wintertime, something that they might recommend is that you put down some mulch. Not only is it proven to keep your soil warmer for a longer period of time, but it also helps to protect your trees and plants too. If you’d like information on the best kind of mulch to use during the winter season, visit and put “winter mulching in cold climates” in the search field.

Do not cut your grass as often. The rate of how fast your grass grows is going to change significantly during the summer months. In fact, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll only have to cut it once a month. And while you don’t need to cut it as much in the winter, do make sure that you provide your lawn with the nutrients that it needs. It’s a good idea to look for the kind of fertilizer that contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. For more information on how to fertilize your lawn during the wintertime, visit MTD Parts and put “winter lawn fertilizing” in the search field.

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