5 Moving, Storage, and Packing Tips for Homeowners

When you move, you aren’t simply moving items from one space to another space. There are a lot of factors to consider – factors that will determine whether or not items get to your new space safely and whether or not your move goes off without a hitch. Plus, what do you do about stuff you can’t move into your new space? Well, you will need to find a storage facility if you plan to keep those items; at least until you know what to do with them. Also, what about packing – have you started already? Indeed, moving can be stressful, but if you get all your ducks in a row, it will be a much more efficient process. Here are five moving, storage, and packing tips for homeowners.

  1. Start packing in advance. It is important to start packing and boxing your items in advance. Even if you haven’t found a new space yet but you do plan on moving, you want to get rid of excess possessions and box up the things that don’t get used very often. This will eliminate some of the stress when it comes time to actually move.
  2. Label boxes accordingly. You also want to label boxes when you pack. If you don’t label boxes, it will be difficult to know where everything goes when you move into your new space. The last thing you want is to move into your new home and then have to deal with opening every single box to find out where to put things. When items are labeled, you can move those boxes into their prospective rooms so that you can easily unpack.
  3. Designate items for storage. When you are in the packing process, you want to start designating items for storage. This will allow you the opportunity to delineate the items you need and the items you want to keep but don’t want to bring to your new space. Once you get these items together, you can hire a moving and storage company like North Dallas Moving and Storage to pick these items up and place them in a storage unit. Hiring a mover to complete this job can make the whole process a lot more convenient.
  4. Move valuables first. Another important tip is to separate all your delicate and fragile items. You want to take special care to wrap these items up and then carefully move them yourself into your new space. You don’t want these items to travel with the rest of your belongings because there’s a high risk of them being damaged. When you do bring them to your new home, be sure to put them in a closet or room where they won’t get damaged by incoming boxes and furniture.
  5. Get rid of items you don’t need anymore. Another great way to streamline your move is to simply get rid of stuff you don’t need. You can donate clothing and other functional items or you can just put stuff on the street. If you live in a big city, there is a good chance someone will pick these items up. In the end, you want to lighten your load as much as possible – it will make your move much easier.

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