Remodeling Design Ideas for a Timeless Kitchen

Whether you’re planning on putting your house on the market over the next several months or you simply want to do a bit of remodeling, you can never go wrong with making some changes to your kitchen. Not only will it raise the property value of your home, but being that it’s one room that you use on a consistent basis, upgrading your kitchen can make it more comfortable and user-friendly as well.

So, where do you start with the remodeling process? That’s a really good question. This article is going to share with you some things that you can do to remodel your kitchen as quickly as this coming weekend.

Change your ceiling. One of the most affordable ways to alter the appearance of your kitchen is to paint it. But if you want to be a bit creative in your approach, consider painting your ceiling a different color than your walls. Another thing that you can do is hang some tin from the ceiling. It provides a rich vintage style that will be a real attention-grabber whenever you’re entertaining guests. For tips on how to hang tin on your ceiling, visit This Old House and put “how to hang a tin ceiling” in the search field.

Paint your cabinets. Speaking of painting, something else that you can do to modernize your kitchen is to paint your cabinets. If your cabinets have a finish that looks a bit dated or if you have some that are white and you want to add a bit more color, try going with a green, yellow, or even a shade of blue. You’ll be amazed by how much “life” painted cabinets will bring to virtually any kitchen.

Upgrade your fixtures and accessories. Say that you’re on a really tight budget, but you want to do something to make your kitchen look a bit better. One approach that you can take is to upgrade the fixtures and accessories that you have inside of it. You can install an automatic faucet. You can put a wooden tray and some cutting boards on one of your countertops. You can install a liquid soap dispenser too. When it comes to fixtures and accessories, the options really are endless.

Install a new backsplash. Although backsplashes are not something that most people put a lot of thought into, if you change yours from a boring white one, it can serve as one of the main focal points for the entire room. The awesome thing about backsplashes is that they come in so many different kinds of patterns and materials. One website that can inspire you with a few kitchen backsplash designs is DIY Network. Just go to the site and put “beautiful kitchen backsplashes” in the search field.

Get some energy efficient appliances. If you were to speak with someone who works at the SCM Design Group about something else that you should think about as it relates to kitchen remodeling, they might recommend that you look into getting some energy efficient appliances. Not only will they save you money on your monthly and annual energy costs, but they are a proven way to increase your property value as well. For more information on Energy Star appliances, visit and put “appliances” in the search field.

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