5 Things to Consider When Building a Green Home

When it comes down to it, building a green home isn’t just a fad – it’s a realization that the future will be bleak unless we take the threat of global warming seriously. Indeed, the Earth’s atmosphere – and environment – is showing signs of mankind’s wastefulness, so it is time to spring into action. The best way to spring into action is to build a home with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind. Green building involves using materials that insulate the home and decrease the need for common utilities. Are you ready to build your own green home? Here are five things to consider when building a green home.

  1. Do you have financing? Before you start building, you want to have the available funds to see your project through. A green home isn’t cheap, especially if you are trying to land special green certifications – there may be some trial and error during the construction process. Luckily, there are special lenders that offer competitive financing and loan packages for people trying to build green homes. You may want to look into these packages for your pursuits.
  2. Do you have a green builder in mind? Not all builders are “green builders.” A green builder needs to have a special certification to be called a green builder. Plus, a green builder, like Varco Pruden Buildings, must use different sustainable materials to complete different projects. These materials include steel, reclaimed wood, and even cement. Before you start your project or officially hire a builder, you want to make sure that you see proof of these certifications.
  3. Are you ready for the challenges of living in a green home? Living in a green home requires some minor sacrifices. For instance, you may not have an air conditioning or heating system, especially if you live in a region where the climate stays moderate – meaning that it doesn’t get too hot or cold. Also, you may want to get used to not having a dishwasher. These sacrifices won’t be huge, but they will require some getting used to.
  4. Are you committed? This is a big consideration to make because living the green lifestyle takes some patience and commitment. You can’t decide a few years down the line that you want to go back to the way you were living before. In all reality, living a sustainable lifestyle requires a serious commitment and you must have the time, money, and energy to maintain your green home. If you are not ready for this commitment, you may want to hold off on building a green home.
  5. Are you building a green home with the right intentions? On top of considering how committed you are, you also want to go into building a green home with the right intentions. If you are building a green home with the intention of saving money and not with energy savings in mind, you may not have the best intentions. It’s okay to be in it for the money, but you should also be in it for the energy savings as well.

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