5 Landscape Design Tips for a Tranquil and Beautiful Yard

A peaceful, landscaped yard can be a priceless asset to your home. Not only will an attractive outside area complement the overall aesthetic, it can serve as a great aid for decompression and relaxation if created with that in mind. Here are 5 landscape design tips for how you can make your yard not only beautiful, but tranquil as well.

1. Use a water feature.
The sound of running water is said to be one of the most relaxing sounds in nature. Feng Sui emphasizes its importance in a balanced home, and it’s a perfect element to include in any yard. Depending on the space you have, there are many options for how to incorporate this. Some homeowners with bigger yards and flexible budgets have pools put in that have a fountain feature cascading water continuously into the pool throughout the day and circulating it through a water system that reuses the water supply.

For a smaller area or a tighter budget, a freestanding water fountain is all you need. You can even find some attractive options at some mainstream drug stores. The sound of running water can add an incomparable dimension of tranquility to your yard.

2. Create depth and height in landscaping.
Especially if you live on a flat piece of property, it’s a good idea to add the illusion of depth to your landscaping. Including plants of varying heights can help create this clever effect.

3. Use seasonal varieties in plants.
Some first-time landscaping attempts end in disappointment if they aren’t properly thought out. Making sure to use seasonal varieties in your yard will ensure that all year round you will have beautiful landscaping to enjoy that changes with the seasons. Cotoneaster, a small-leaved hedging shrub, is evergreen and a great option for greenery in almost any yard. Using cotoneasters in your landscaping plan is a smart idea because they stay green all year long, but they produce colorful berries in the fall and winter.

4. Have a place to sit and kick back!
A solid wooden bench with a backrest is a practical addition to landscaping that allows you the comfort to sit and enjoy your yard.

5. Incorporate rocks.
Rocks are relatively inexpensive and require little to no maintenance. You can use them over large areas of yard or to make a walkway. Spread them over a porous weed protection mat. That way you won’t have weeds coming up through the rocks, and if you want to clean the area, you can remove the rocks, clean them, and put them back over the mat.

In many cases, it can be well-worth the money to hire professionals to help transform your yard into a relaxing sanctuary. Landscaping experts at companies like Michael Hatcher and Associates Inc. in Memphis can guide you to invest in the right plants for your property, and using that advice will help you avoid mistakes like planting something that can’t grow under the conditions of your yard. It’s an investment that can pay off in peace of mind and body.

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