5 Helpful Tips for Cleaning and Repairing Your Gutters

Around this time of the year, cleaning and repairing your gutters is imperative. During the fall, your gutters can become full of leaves and other debris. In the wintertime, as the rain starts to come down, all those leaves can create a dam of sorts. Eventually, your gutters will become clogged and start spilling over onto your home, which can cause moisture damage and leakage. This is exactly why you want to remove all those leaves. If there is any damage to your gutters, you want to make repairs where necessary. Here are five helpful tips for cleaning and repairing your gutters.

  1. Safety always comes first. When you remove leaves and clean your gutters, you want to be safe. This means that you want to use a ladder that isn’t rickety or old. Moreover, you want to wear gloves and perhaps a helmet to protect against falls. You may also want to have a spotter at the bottom of the ladder.
  2. Don’t clean your gutter if you aren’t sure what you are doing. If you don’t know what you are doing, you could cause more damage to your gutter. Sure, cleaning leaves out of your gutter sounds easy, but what happens when you get up there and realize that the problem is way bigger than you can take on? This is exactly why hiring a professional gutter cleaning company, like Metroplex Window and Gutter Cleaning, is so important. A professional team will be able to clean your gutters efficiently, so you don’t need to go through the hassle or hazard.
  3. Place the ladder firmly on the roof – not on the gutter. When you place the ladder on the roof, you don’t want to place it on the gutter. Your gutters are usually made of delicate aluminum, so placing a heavy ladder on the aluminum could cause warping. Moreover, it could cause the ladder to slide to the left or to the right, which can put you in danger. Ideally, you want the ladder to be firm against the roof – preferably locked in if your ladder has that type of unique functionality.
  4. Make sure the gutter spout is pointed outward. When you are cleaning your gutters, you want to perform a quick visual inspection to make sure that all the spouts are pointing outward – not inward. An inward spout could cause water to shoot the opposite way and it could cause water damage, especially on those heavy rain days. This is why you want to make sure that you spin all the spouts the other way – they should be pushing water away from your home.
  5. Replace damaged sections of your gutter. Of course, if you notice that you have damaged sections of your gutters, you want to remove those sections and carefully put new ones in. You can usually find supplies and gutter extensions at your local home supply shop. It is important to remove and reapply sections of your gutter before the rain and snow really starts to fall.

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