9 Kitchen Remodeling Checklist

Do you know when is the best time to remodel your kitchen? The answer is: everyday. Inspiration may come everyday, and what you need to do before remodeling your kitchen is making a checklist. What’s inside it?small kitchen remodeling ideas on a budget tips

First thing first, you need to know the size of your kitchen. Very inch is important, while it becomes extremely important for a small kitchen. The size of your kitchen will affect the layout, and you need to think about how to make extra storage.

Secondly, knowing the orientation of sunlight is also important. This will affect how you choose the color of the wall as well. If your kitchen is not exposed to the sunlight, then, it is recommended for you to have a glass roof for your kitchen.

Thirdly, how is the position of your kitchen to your other rooms? Surely, the position of your kitchen affects your distribution. Some people prefer having kitchen in the back part of their house, and I am sure you are one of them. Some also likes to cook in their garden. If you are interested in the second idea, put a door in your kitchen.

This decision sometimes also reflects the homeowner’s lifestyle. People who just love to serve their guest with drinks and meals always consider their kitchen important. Therefore, it should be clean, mesmerizing, and visible to the guess. You can redecorate the color, the ornament, and even the furniture. But if you don’t, just try to have a simple and clean kitchen.

But the most important thing that you should be sure of is the budget. Indeed you need to set your budget no more than 20% of your home’s total market value. Therefore, you should match it to your house look. A good tips for you: you need to set 20% of additional budget for contingency expenses.kitchen remodeling ideas before and after checklist

After that, like mentioned before, you should consider the building condition. Your kitchen remodeling expenses should not be more than 20% of your house market value.

Lastly, there are three additional things you need to put in your checklist. The first is what to do to the wall. Do you want it to be painted colors, tiling, or backsplash? How is the best switch placement? Then, you also have to consider the layout and the placement of the appliances. Lastly, always consider the sink types and sink features. The placement and the features of the sink play important roles for the flow of water and the cleanliness of the whole kitchen.

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