7 Things You Should Know Before DIY Solar Power System for Home

To conserve energy, these days, there are more people installing Solar Power System in their house. You can also do that to your house. You can even do that by yourself without the help of a pro. It is because installing a solar power system is actually pretty easy. However, there are several things you need to know before you start your DIY project with the Solar Power System. Here are 7 things you should know before you install the solar power system.solar power system installation home

#1. Reduce Energy Consumption

This is the very first thing you have to do. At first you will want to know whether you can cut down some devices that need electricity. This is because the solar power system is not like your regular power generator. It is best that you reduce your daily energy needs.

#2. The Space for the Solar Panel

Next is checking where you will put the solar panel and plan the design of all the cables and wires. It is a nice way to put your solar panel on the roof. Make sure you already prepared the space and from the available space, you can decide the size of the solar panel you are going to need.

#3.  Measure Daily Electricity Use

This needs to be done carefully because the accuracy of the data will affect the efficiency of the solar panel in your household. Check all the electric devices in your household and measure from them how much electricity you will need every day.

#4. Checking the Price for Solar Panel

Though the sun will not cost you when you absorb its heat and convert it to electricity, you still have to dig deep in your pocket for installation of the solar power system.solar power system how it works home

#5. Maintenance

In a good condition and with good maintenance, solar panel could last for around 25 years. To reach that longevity, you have to learn how to properly treat your solar panel. Maintenance could be done by yourself if you already know the trick.

#6. Battery with Good Quality

It is important to install a good battery with good storing features. It needs to be durable and it also needs to be efficient. Any leak on the battery will destroy your plan on conserving energy.

#7. Safety

When you are making the installation path for the solar panel system, you need to make sure that everything is safe and there is no open cable or some miss-placed component of the solar panel system.

Those are things you have to pay attention to before you are going to install the solar power system. You need to think everything out before actually doing it.

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