7 Easy DIY Projects to Do With Friends for Home Decorating

How nice if we could decorate the house with personal styles. Well, let us just say if we invite some friends to design and implement these ideas. Nevertheless, we must have had some important considerations such as reasonable costs for each design. Therefore, here are 7 easy DIY projects to do with friends for home decorating. Hopefully they can be an inspiration for you.diy framed wallpaper

#1. Framed Wallpaper

Usually, the wallpaper is taken in large sizes and become an important point in the interior. But, what if we framed some parts to become like little paintings? The point is how we can take some proper objects of wallpapers.

#2. Map Art

No need to bother looking for a garnish or an expensive painting. Moreover, we get bored with some of the photos we have. So, hung a map on the wall is a unique choice with some attention. Use the right combination as an example of the map and where you would attach it. It would be very interesting if you hang it on the wooden plan.

#3. Message Board

We can create a decoration with function effectively. Find it on the message boards that we can hang on the wall. It must be designed to be intuitive, as in the old styles in school. Also, choose a grass green color that will beautify the board.

#4. CD Cases Frames

Actually, this is an old trick that always we can apply to the interior. Use your old CD cases into frames. Moreover, we have no need for the CD cases. Remember that this is the digital age and most are already using the DVD. Instead of throwing them, why you do not taking them as something useful?

#5. Plant a Picture

You can put plants on top of the wall, or plant it in the picture. Everything will be the same. They have an advantage of the interior concept which is very natural and gets a unique style.DIY Artful Lampshade Design Ideas

#6. Artful Lampshade

Always, the lamp is small furniture that can be modified in several styles. Well, this style emphasizes the light effects that can be created through the patterns. Make certain pattern on the lid of the lamp. Turn off your headlights, and turn it. So, everything will look different.

#7. Terrarium Garden

Eco interior is a popular thing now. The problem is how we can create a décor that is truly unique and can steal the show. Well, use some glass or glass vessel you can take as a potted plant. Surely, they would be a compelling reason to stand in the room.

So, these are 7 gorgeous styles that we can apply as decoration. They are easy, inexpensive, and very enjoyable. So, please try one or more.

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