Top 7 Types of Hardwood Flooring Collections

Your house may look more beautiful with hardwood flooring. Natural details that you can have from such hardwood flooring will give you benefit that you cannot find from the other flooring idea. For more details that you can have for hardwood flooring, following examples will give you more description for such flooring idea.hardwood floors

#1.  Solid Hardwood Floors

You have it as one of those options among those options of hardwood flooring. This option is called solid as it is available as one piece of wood with the quality that is susceptible to temperature change and humidity.

#2.  Exotic Wood Species

Another type of hardwood that you can also find is the one that is considered as an exotic choice. You will have this kind of floor as an option if you look for the one that will look distinctly different. This kind of hardwood will offer you with various appearances that look unique.wood flooring types

#3.  Engineered Floors of Wood 

Manufactured by laminating some hardwood plies to form some quality planks, you can have it as the next option for your hardwood floor. This kind of floor will offer you the benefit of this hardwood that will be able to be glued down on a few types of floor.

#4.  Prefinished Hardwood

If you look for an option of hardwood floor that look less messy, you can have this prefinished hardwood as the one that you can find with that requirement. This is kind of hardwood that can be completed and installed at the same day.hardwood flooring types

#5.  Unfinished Floor

Other than those prefinished, you can also have unfinished if you want. However, this kind of floor will need several days for installment and for completing the process such as installing, staining, and finishing. If you look for such floor, you can have it at some dealer easily.

#6.  Red and White Oak Wood

This is also a good choice for such wood that you can find for your hardwood flooring idea. You can have it with beautiful detail you can have for your house.

#7.  American Cherry Wood

Another option that you can have for hardwood flooring is the one that comes from American Cherry wood. This is one of the best hardwood flooring materials you can have for your house.

With those options above you have seen; it is now easier for you to get one of those hardwood flooring options that you can have for your house.


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